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The Beginning of the Roycroft Print Shop and the Books

     Elbert Hubbard started his writing and publishing career in the years 1893-95. He almost simultaneously started writing books, publishing a magazine and building a printing enterprise. This was not something that occurred on the spur of the moment. It happened after a number of things occurred in his life. These included a 20-year career in sales with the Larkin Company, writing magazine articles, enrolling in Harvard University, writing three novels, starting his Little Journeys series and deciding to scrap his business career. The Roycroft Printing Shop was established in the later part of 1895. Initially this was a partnership between Elbert Hubbard and a friend, Harry Taber. Elbert soon bought out the venture and started a career in writing and publishing that continued until his death in 1915. Hundreds of books and pamphlets were written, printed and sold by the Roycrofters, as his organization became known. His voice was one of uplifting philosophy, good cheer, human understanding and peace. His great success story has been told many times over by various authors: Felix Shay (1926), Charles Hamilton,  Albert Lane, Paul McKenna and others. Weber Books invites you to read yet another version of the story in the first issue of their Little Journeys Series. Write or email for a copy today. Send no money. If you like the book, subscribe to receive the issues that follow in your choice of a paper or leather cover. And while you are contacting us, you may wish to order some of our other books such as a suede covered copy of "A Message to Garcia", (the only one which looks like the 1899 original), "A Centennial Trilogy" or "The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam". You may wish to subscribe to our Little Journeys series. You probably missed subscribing to Elbert Hubbard's "Little Journeys" since they stopped in 1910. Why not try ours? There is nothing to lose. The first issue is free, and those that follow can always be returned if you don't like them.

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